Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hanging in there

Hi to Everyone,

These last few weeks have been difficult. I'm a bit more confused and very tired. Need a nap almost every day. Still having problems with balance and walking. I think I might call my doctor about getting some PT for my balance problems. If that works, then I can start exercising again.

Mom was doing better for about a month then she had back to back syncopal episodes last weekend falling and hitting her head both times. It's a miracle but she didn't break anything!!

I think I need another nap now.

Peace and Hope,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drug Study appointment today

Hi to All,

Linda drove me to my drug study appointment this am. First, I forget to bring in the medication I had been taking. Then, I saw the drug study nurse Kellie. She unblinded the study and told me I have been on the real drug from the beginning and NOT a placebo. I kinda figured that out earlier because I had some side effects from the drug. My hair had lightened. My eyebrows, eyelashes had become so blond it was like they were invisible.

I am starting to see new growth in my eyebrows and it is now brown and not blond. So I guess the study meds are coming out of my system. I am extremely tired, my balance is off, I can't seem to focus as well as before, and my fine motor tremors are continuing to get worse.

Lilly decided to take the drug off the market because of safety problems. Some patients were getting skin cancer, while others were declining at a very fast rate.

I hope this decline is temporary. I have a grand child coming in January!!

Peace and Hope to All,