Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's me again

Hi to all,

I think I figured out how to bookmark my blog so I can get to it easier now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The drug study I'm in is they give me iv antibodies to attack the abnormal proteins in my brain that stick together and turn into plaques. They are even hoping that these antibodies will attack the proteins before they are able to cross the blood brain barrier. If so, they would never enter my brain. Isn't that great!

There are some side effects like brain edema, strokes and heart issues but so far I haven't had any of that (thank goodness). I have had headaches and some dizziness. That is a small price to pay if this works!!!

I hope everyone is healthy and doing fine.

I have another infusion then I fly to see my daughter and granddaughter!! I can't wait!! Sam is changing so much each day! Smarter, taller, bigger, stronger. I can't stand that I am missing so much!

My days go by slowly sometimes. I miss my Mom. It's almost a year now. Wow, sometimes it seems like yesterday.

Put some bug juice on white dog as he seems to be itchy again.

Thanks for all the love and support.

Peace and Hope,


Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm still here!

Hi to all,

Yes, I am still here and doing well. I am unable to view my last post so I don't know where to begin.

First, I forgot how to get back here to post. I've tried for several months without success. I'm not actually sure what I did to get here tonight.

As for me I am participating in a new drug study. I can't remember the same of the drug or class of drug. It is administered to me IV. The drug company requires I follow their protocol. I often have blood drawn, have EKG's and Urinalyses and MRI's done. (I am still testing the safety of this drug).

On the brighter side, I have a granddaughter. She will be a year old in January. She is beautiful, brilliant and even sometimes a little bratish. lol. She's wonderful!!!!!

Her name is Samantha. She has blue eyes, blondish, curly hair, fair complected and the sweetist smile you have ever seen.

I just love her to death! She and her Mom make me so happy. They spent a month with me about a month ago. It was heaven but I was completely exhausted!

This site is sending me a red message stating they could not contact. so i may loose this message.

I feel I am holding my own in this war with EOAD. Yes, I have declined, but just a little.

I hope and pray all of you are well and happy.

Oh, I had to put Mom's cat(Jonsey) to sleep last week. She became very ill and could not hold anything down. My vet thought it was time. She was very old. It was very, very sad! Dad & I cried a lot!

I still have white dog but orange cat stays with my sister now. She has 4 other cats. Her husband is very sweet!

My Dad was ill for a while but is finally getting better. He had a terrible UTI and then he had problems walking. He's almost back to normal. Yea!!

He will be 90 in February!

The holidays are upon us. I will be here for Thanksgiving with Dad, Linda and Michael. I will leave for Aimee's the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Peace be with all of you,

Please, write me if you have any comments. I'd love to hear from all of you.

I will post again soon (I hope).