Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mixed Emotions


I'm sorry I haven't written in a while but things have been very hectic. Aimee, Eric and Turtle came in the Friday before Thanksgiving. Her baby shower was that Sunday. It was lovely!

The family got to visit and it was great. Mom was unable to attend the baby shower so the next day we unloaded the van so Aimee could show Mom all her stuff. They had a great time together.

On Tuesday, Aimee, Eric, Linda and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie Deathly Hallows which was really good.

Unfortunately on Thanksgiving Morning, Mom had a stoke. We called the Home Health nurse and she came out and verified it. Poor Mom, her right side was very weak and her speech was slurred and she could barely swallow. I called in Hospice.

The hospice doctor and nurse were
wonderful and helpful. Luckily, I had the hospice meds I needed to keep Mom comfortable. My Mom died peacefully late Saturday night (although the official day is Sunday) with all of us at her bedside. She was in her own home with her cat Jonsey sleeping with her.

I am very sad. I miss my Mom but I'm not sorry she's gone because I knew she didn't want to live that way. She had a Living Will that stated her wishes. We all knew her wishes and she didn't want any part of that kind of life.

Seems like things are a big blur! I think I must be in some kind of shock because I haven't shed a tear yet. We've been so busy making funeral arrangements, phone calls to family and friends. It's been difficult.

My poor Dad is having such a hard time. He and Mom had been married 61 years! He's feeling pretty lost.

Well, I'm VERY tired and I must sleep now.

Please pray for Mom, me and my family.


Peace and Hope,


Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st


I'm back from Aimee & Eric's. Had a wonderful time. Tired but doing ok.

I am helping Aimee's friend Courtney with Aimee's Baby coming this month. My sister is helping me too. It's fun to plan a shower.

I'm sitting here on Mom's sofa. White dog and orange cat are with me. Mom's sleeping in her recliner. Dad's at the grocery and Linda is out shopping. This is life.

Wow, how has it come to this?? I was an RN with a good job and lots of things happening in my life. Now, it's take one day at a time. I never know what is going to happen next. I have an appointment to go back to the research doctor later this week or next.

The one good thing that is happening is that I'm going to be a grandmother sometime in late January!! Hip hip hooray!

I'm very proud of Aimee. She is doing well. She's going to be a great Mom!

Peace and Hope,