Monday, August 30, 2010

Am I changing? declining?

Hi to all,

I told you I was told to stop my Lilly study medication because it was making people worse. That was on August 19th. It's now Aug.30th (I think) and I believe I am now declining. The last few days have been hellish. Extremely tired, increased problems with focus, increased problems with balance, increased problems with Short Term Memory, feel like I'm in a fog, not fully awake. My eyes are more blurred and my balance is way off. I feel like I could go to sleep at the drop of a hat.

I need to call my drug study doctor to see what is going on. I'm suddenly a little afraid.

Peace and Hope,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No, I'm not dead yet!

Hi to everyone,

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write again. Everything has been kinda crazy!

I have WONDERFUL news! I'm going to be a grandmother! Yes, Aimee is pregnant and finally feeling alive again. I spent 2 glorious weeks with her, Eric and Turtle. I did some cooking for her. (Some good some not so good). We were able to go shopping. I bought her several cute maternity outfits and some undergarments! It made me soooooo happy! We bought a few little baby things and books. We were, also, able to look and check out all the new baby furniture, car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings wow!! I didn't realize how much new stuff was out there. Aimee due date is mid to late January.

Mom and Dad are still hanging in there. Not much has changed. Linda and Michael are getting ready to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow!

I've been home now for about a week. Trying to catch up on my Peer Volunteer work, attend online meetings and keep up my apartment.

White dog is fine. He survived the long stay at the vets. He is very itchy again. He's had a medicated bath and his advantix. I think I may need to take him back for another allergy shot! Ahhhh, It's always something. Yellow cat is doing well and happy to have his Mom home.

I went to see my therapist today. She and I were talking about how I am doing and all I've been through so far. Today I realized how much she has really helped me turn this disease around and not to be such a victim!!

She's helped me along with my family and friends how to accept this new me without disgust and anger, feeling a little better about myself. This is a great blessing because for a time I felt dark, depressed and angry!!! And, I was starting to feel sorry for myself which is the worst thing I could have done. A lot of that is behind me. Although, I still have good days and bad days.

Bad news. I was on that Lilly drug study that was recalled because it caused many people in the study to worsen!! So, now I'm off that drug study and looking to find another. I was kind of upset at first but I just have to move on.

Other good news: The Nat'l Alzheimer's Assn was here on Monday on Behalf of Maria Shriver who is writing a book on Woman fighting Alzheimer's. Mom and I participated. They took pictures and we told our stories which is supposed to be part of Maria's book. I'm always happy to get the word out about EOAD/YOAD/AD!!!!

I'm sorry I'm getting so tired. I need to stop now. My brain is really slowing down.

Thank you all for caring and reading my blog. I intend to give this much more attention.

Comments are always welcomed.

Peace and Hope,